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What we Are 

What We Want

We envision a future where all Native members in Oklahoma, regardless of their location, who have been incarcerated or otherwise involved in the criminal legal system, live self-determined lives filled with opportunities, fostering harmonious balance within themselves and their communities.

Native Wings Like An  Eagle Inc. "Native Wings" is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization partnering with tribal nations in Oklahoma to offer assistance to formerly incarcerated members living beyond tribal jurisdictional boundaries. We are working to provide Native American people with the stability they need after incarceration.

How We do it 

In collaboration with Oklahoma's tribal nations, we build connection, power, and stability with reintegration services for formerly incarcerated tribal members who live outside of reservation boundaries.


Native Wings, like an eagle, proudly partners with the Prison Fellowship ministry. As a former participant in the program, Melvin's faith led him to establish this nonprofit organization, dedicated to giving back and offering hope to those behind bars. Through their collaboration, Native Wings and Prison Fellowship work hand in hand, providing support and opportunities for transformation to those in need. Together, they embody the power of redemption and second chances.

our Values


Community-care emphasizes the shared responsibility of community members to support and uplift one another. We have a responsibility to take care of our own people and reduce our reliance on government institutions and entities outside of our communities. Community-care recognizes and addresses the unique challenges Native Americans face, while promoting collective solutions and support networks.

Tradition Observance

Tradition observance involves preserving and revitalizing cultural practices and promoting well-being. As we do our work, we will engage in cultural ceremonies and foster intergenerational connections.

Authentic Self-ExpreSSIon

Authentic self-expression refers to the freedom and ability of native people to express their true selves. Native Wings will create an environment that cultivates the genuine and respectful expression of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and artistic or creative endeavors within the cultural framework and values of our communities. 

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